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Michael O'Meara, Esq.

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Mr. O'Meara handles cases in Cook, DuPage, Lake and Will Counties.

DUI is a very serious offense in Illinois. Besides losing your driver's license, you may face a substantial fine and up to one year in jail.

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Experienced Criminal & DUI Lawyer

Michael S. O'Meara, a former criminal prosecutor, represents individuals accused of all types of felonies, misdemeanors and traffic offenses (i.e. driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs) in the following counties: Cook, DuPage, Lake and Will. He began his legal career prosecuting thousands of individuals for alleged crimes so he gained a tremendous amount of experience at an early age. Since 1994, Mr. O'Meara has tried hundreds of criminal cases and negotiated pleas on thousands of others.

Cases that Mr. O'Meara has handled include: murder, attempted murder, sexual assault, armed robbery, robbery, drug possession, prostitution, gun possession, possession of stolen vehicle, burglary, theft, aggravated battery, domestic battery, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and driving on a revoked or suspended license. Mr. O'Meara has a record of positive results for his clients.

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Recent Results:

IL v. J.V. (Cook County) - client was charged with a Super Class X possession with intent to deliver an estimated 21 kilos of cocaine (estimated street value of 2.6 million dollars). He was facing 15-60 years in prison. Officer's allegedly witnessed the client holding the cocaine bricks in his hands and counting them in the trunk of a car. Officers converged on the scene and arrested the client. Result: All charges dismissed after Mr. O'Meara filed a notice for the State's Attorney to produce the alleged "confidential informant" to determine if the client was the victim of police entrapment.

IL v. M.O. (Cook County) - client was charged with Aggravated DUI for driving while his license was suspended for a previous DUI. The client had also been on supervision for the previous DUI when he was arrested for this new charge. He was also on supervision for a drug charge. Client allegedly admitted to drinking at a bar before driving. He failed all field sobriety tests and 2 state troopers testified that he was under the influence of alcohol. Result: After a 2 day jury trial, the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict on all counts. The petition to violate the client's supervision on both the drug charge and on the first DUI charge were withdrawn.

IL v. M.H. (Cook County) - client was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault, home invasion and aggravated battery. The alleged victim accused the client of punching her in the face and choking her to the point where she almost died. She alleged permanent disfigurement to her face. The client then allegedly raped her. Result: Not guilty on all charges after a 4 day jury trial. Mr. O'Meara argued to the jury that his client was acting in self defense when he hit the accused and that the sex was consensual. The jury deliberated only 3 hours before returning its verdict of not guilty on all charges.

IL v. B.W. (Cook County) - client under 21 years old charged with 2nd DUI. He was on supervision for his first DUI when he was arrested for another DUI. Two police officers testified that the client was staggering, swaying, wobbling, smelled of an extreme odor of an alcoholic beverage, refused to take the breathalyzer test and used profanity throughout the arrest. Result: Not Guilty after a 2 day jury trial. After intensive cross examination of the officers, Mr. O'Meara argued that their testimony could not be credible. Mr. O'Meara also won his client's summary suspension hearing where he was able to convince the judge that his client was not properly read the 'Warning to Motorists' by the arresting officer.

IL v. R.C. (Cook County) - client was facing 6 -30 years in prison for possession with intent to deliver a substantial amount of ecstasy. The charge was considered non-probationable with a minimum of 6 years in prison. The drugs were found in the client's gym bag and the client gave a handwritten statement wherein he admitted the drugs were his and that he intended to sell them. Result: After filing a motion to quash the arrest and suppress the statements based on police coercion, Mr. O'Meara was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge which led to no prison time.

IL v. S.W. (DuPage County) - client under 21 years old was charged with his second DUI and speeding. Client had been on supervision for other criminal matters when he was arrested for this DUI. Empty beer bottles were found in the car and a portable breathalyzer result showed an alcohol level over .08. A video was also taken of the arrest. Result: Not guilty on all charges after a bench trial. The client never had to testify. This verdict almost certainly kept the client from going to jail and saved the client several thousand dollars in fines.

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Mike O'Meara is available to represent individuals charged with drunk driving (DUI/DWI), drug offenses, domestic violence, and any other misdemeanor or felony in Chicago, Cook County, Lake County, Will County and Dupage County. Common web searches: chicago DUI lawyer, chicago criminal lawyer.






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